Christian's Professional Career

Meet Christian Collier. Christian is a current senior at Georgetown University and is one of the most prolific actors of his time. Known for his powerful vocals and heartwrenching performances, Christian is open to new acint opportunities and is willing to audition for upcoming performances I am a third year undergraduate Mathematics major and a Business Administration and Computer Science double minor at Georgetown University with an interest in the fields of business, technology, financial services and data analysis. As a math major, I am fascinated by the use of data in a current technological-driven world and how such data intersects with and enhances businesses. As such, I have taken a variety of mathematics and computer science coursework and have participated as an extern in a financial services/technology firm. I would now like to put my experiences to good use and apply these previous endeavors in a professional environment.

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Christian's Acting Credits

Enterprise Risk Analytics • Researched the use of non-traditional data sources, such as Google Trends and internal transaction databases, in machine learning applications and successfully implemented the data into the team’s current work streams, significantly enhancing model results • Built tools that automatically collect and preprocess data and perform analysis on datasets using machine learning to implement into the team’s models, considerably reducing the time necessary to gather and analyze data • Regularly collaborated with and presented to both internal and external teams to discuss modeling results and to share recommendations, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of the team’s business decisions
Institutional Equity Career Building Workshop Participant Selected to attend Morgan Stanley's Institutional Equity Career Building Workshop as one of fifty rising juniors and rising sophomores
Ignite with STEM Pre-Internship Program Participant • Accepted to Bank of America's Ignite with STEM program as one of thirty six students out of 150 applicants. • Actively participated in various case studies analyzing market trends and business problems. • Developed knowledge of Bank of America and its clients as well as networked with employees and fellow participants
Summer Leadership Program Participant Accepted to Marcum's Summer Leadership Program as one of twenty five students. • Presented in the Entrepreneurial Challenge pitching a new social media strategy for Marcum.
Extern • Accepted to ITG's 2017 Sophomore Externship Program in New York City along with twenty sophomore students • Acquired knowledge of the financial services and technical industries and learned about ITG's products • Developed relationships with current employees and fellow externs